Mage and Holy Priest



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    Mage and Holy Priest

    Post  Dronix on Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:53 pm

    Information about You

    Name:Andreas and Eirik
    Age:17 and 18
    language: Norwegian Pros Razz
    extra: We're two boys living in norway, going to school and studying etc.

    Information about your Character

    In-Game Name: Mage= Dronix Priest = Drakonus
    Character Class:See above :O
    Character Level: 80 ofc
    Professions: Both got Tailoring/Skinning and FA
    Gear: Mage :
    Priest :

    NOTE: We recently dinged 80, so thats why we got shit gear atm:P
    But we are working as much as possible to improve our gear through heroics and stuff like that

    Alt Characters:
    Well we both got lvl 80 alts on different servers that we used to raid on (cleared all content in WOTLk so far with em)

    Information about You in-game

    referee: Unfortunately not Sad
    form guilds: Mage and priest: We was in a guild called Antagonist on our old mains (warrior and Rogue). We did all content in TBC. We got Kil'jaeden to 10%, however we disbanded not so long after that, so we found ourself a new guild at lvl 80 named Acclimation. Did Sarth 3 drakes 25 man, and all other 25 man content as well. Until we both got bored of our mains and started lvling this characters again Smile

    Experience PvE/PvP

    PvE Experience: Vanilla: MC,AQ 20 a little 40 man, ZG. few bosses BWL
    TBC: All content, kil jaeden to 10%
    WOTLK: All Content so far
    PvP Experience: Done some 2v2 and 3v3 in the past however we've not really been into arenas so havent bothered getting good rating


    Also got DBM and all other addons needed Smile
    Ventrilo/Teamspeak: Got It


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    Re: Mage and Holy Priest

    Post  Nzgoth on Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:10 pm

    Thank you for Applying and an Officer will whisper u in the game

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