Arcane mage



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    Arcane mage

    Post  nmiclan on Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:59 pm

    Information about You

    Name:Olav Snijders
    language: English, German, French, Dutch
    extra: i'm living in holland on my own so i can decide when i want to play WoW.

    Information about your Character

    In-Game Name:Boozz
    Character Class:Mage
    Character Level: 80
    Professions: not leveling professions.
    Gear: NOTE: isn't updated yet

    Alt Characters:
    Got a 65 Druid on al'akir and some twinks and low level alts, 70 druid on lightbringer 65 warrior on QT and a 63 shaman on QT

    Information about You in-game

    referee: i am known as a player who wants to have everything perfect, no wipes, no dumbasses in raids
    form guilds: sigularity

    Experience PvE/PvP

    PvE Experience: Did all WOTLK content as well as TBC content
    PvP Experience: doing arena as rogue mage and rmp combo.


    We require that you atleast have DeadlyBossMods, if not, go to and download it. wihtout deadly boss you are not a diehard raiding player =)

    Ventrilo/Teamspeak: Not required YET, but when we get it, you need to be active in it during our raids, if you want to come with us. Altho speaking wont be a req. Have all communication programs you can ever name:D

    sincinerly, thankyou for reading in advance[b][i][u]

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    Re: Arcane mage

    Post  Ggoozz on Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:05 pm

    Well, I know this guy IRL.

    I think that he'll be a great tribute to the guild.

    - Dane.

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    Re: Arcane mage

    Post  Scourage on Sun Mar 22, 2009 5:09 pm

    An officer will contact you ingame.

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    Re: Arcane mage

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