! WARNING ! for More Cowbell



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    ! WARNING ! for More Cowbell

    Post  Nerx on Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:24 am

    Hello Guys.

    in 4/05/2009 i did with naxx25 started 12:00 untill to 21:45 to downed all bosses. and

    Meti he's Leader of Raid + Masterlooter(ML).

    Kel'thuzad Dropped

    Sword(dps caster)
    Token Tier Protector x2
    Fist Weapon(dps melee)

    and Meti still he ninja looter. they gives to Rogue and Paladin Healer. about he ninja looted :

    Sword(dps caster) to Fishcakelol Ninja. it was pugs mage he won roll. too bad.
    Fist Weapon(dps melee) to (not remember name) he's from More cowbell. it was other pug rogue won roll. too bad.

    Crap ! those 2 weapon are very rare. EVERYONE DON'T GO WITH More Cowbell ! Because they are fucking retarded Ninja. many ppl wasted of time to Meti Leader. because he just started 12:00 untill 21:45 ? I can't believe that.


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