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    New Guild Rankings + DKP SYSTEM

    Post  Nzgoth on Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:40 pm

    Greetings Fellow Members of Point Blank,

    I would like to Announce 2 things in the Guild today:

    1- the new ranking system
    2- The New DKP system for Point Blank

    First, In Regard the New Ranking of players they are :

    1- Under Grad : players who need to gear up from HC in order to go to Normal naxx

    2- Memeber: Players who are able to go to naxx 10 and gear up there trying to reach naxx 25

    3- Official Memeber: Players who are able to raid Naxx 25 and farm it in order to gear up for Uldar

    4- Raider: Players who are Able to Raid Uldar, Up till now only 2 or 3 members are able to raid Uldar

    5- Official Raider: Players who are able to raid Uldar on HC ( still no member has reached this rank)

    ofcourse each rank has is own special talents and bonuses, such as gb repairs + amount of items that can be aken from GB.

    Second, in regard the NEW DKP system for the guild Point Blank:
    A new system designed only for members in point blank to help them reach end game status and gear up and to reward the hard working members.

    The DKP System for Point Blank will be:
    As points awarded to members who raid with the guild raids, Meaning if the guild had a naxx raid on friday and 25 on thursday and eoe on wed and u attend it with the official person who is leading this fully guild run (or pug, pug details for dkp later on here in this topic) you shall be awarded the DKP points in regards looting prio.

    To explain the DKP, they are as Embelems or points u can gather to help u win a loot prize that falls in raids.

    for example in naxx 25 there are 15 bosses each has 20 dkp, meaning 20 x 15 = 300 dkp . and when you complete the full run with the guild you shall be rewarded an Extra 50 DKP. To sum up for 350 DKP every naxx 25 run. If the raid is fully run by guild memebrs then u can win DKP points + spend them on this raid. the way of spending your DKP is as follows:
    Kel Thazzad Axe drops, rid leader states that the start bid price for it is 120 DKP, and then asks for the Bidders to roll to know who shall start the bid. the winner (highest roller) will start the Bid to be over 120 by 5 DKPs (or the multiplies of 5 = 5 , 10 , 15 , 20 , 25 and so on u cant bid for exampe 3 more dkp or 22 dkp it hase to be a number that is 5 or its multipliers) the winner of the roll will bid first following him the 2nd highest roller then the third and so on untill we reach a final bid price that cant be topped.

    In regard a guild run Led by an official repersentative to the guild and as announced before that a run will be led by the guild on this day for example Naxx 25 runs led by me which are 10 - 20 members from guild usually and 15 - 5 pugged this will still be considered as a pug raid which means u can only gather DKP here but u cant spend them,However the starting Bid price of the won item shall be deducted from your account. in other words Kel Thazzad axe drops and u already won 350 DKP for completeing naxx 25 with the guild and completeing every boss, th raid leader wont announce a bid for dkp but will ask for prsons who are interested to roll Guildie or not, and after that if you win the roll you get the AXE but when u get it the amount of 120 DKP shall be deducted from your account( the minimum starting price of a weapon that drops from KT hc is 120).

    Please note that this should be an official guild run (pug) which are announcd by the guild it does not matter
    wither they are 10 or 25 man. So if you raid with any other Pugs not guild runs, u shall not be awarded DKP and cant for sure spend them there.

    DKP for Naxx 25= 350 dkp
    each boss 20 dkp x 15 = 300
    bonus for full complete run with guild =50 dkp

    DKP for naxx 10= 200 dkp
    Each boss = 10 dkp x 15 = 150
    Bonus for full run = 50 Dkp

    DKP for EOE 10 = 100 DKP
    DKP for VOA 10 = 50 DKP
    DKP for OS 10 = 50 DKP
    DKP for OS 10 1 drake up = 100
    DKP for OS 10 2 draks up = 150 DKP
    DKP for OS 10 3 drakes up = 300 DKP

    DKP for EOE 25 = 300 DKP
    DKP for VOA 25 = 50 DKP
    DKP for OS 25 No drakes up = 50 DKP
    DKP for OS 25 1 drake up = 100 DKP
    DKP for OS 25 2 Drakes up = 150 DKP
    DKP for OS 25 3 drakes up = 300 DKP

    Those Rewards listed above are for Official Riads led by Official raid leaders from guild. again YOU SHALL NOT BE AWARDED DKP if you dont raid with official GUILD RAIDS / PUGS.

    The loot category for DKP are as follows:
    Weapons Final boss weapons and armor: 25 man = 120 bid start pirce
    Weapons Final boss weapons and armor: 10 man = 100 bid start price
    Weapons and Armors peices from Bosses 25 man= 50 starting bid
    Weapons and Armors peices from Bosses 10 man= 20 starting bid
    Tiers 7.5 = 100 starting Bid
    Tiers 7 = 80 Starting Bid

    **Prices might adjust in the future.

    Important Notices: if noone has DKP and wants to roll on loot u are alowwed to roll on loot if its ur main spec and if u win the roll u get your armor peice weapon however the amount for the starting bid price will be deducted from ur account. for example you win KT Axe by roll and all rollers have no DKP if its a ten man raid the amount of 100 will be deducted from your account if 25 the amount of 120 will be deducted HOWever if other rollers have DKP points they have prio over u in fully guild runs where u can spend your dkp and you shall not be allowed to roll. The Hteful armor shall be amounted as T7 and Deadly as T 7.5... If you go in a pug not a guild run you shall not be rewarded DKP or can spend them. DKP is only rewarded to fully led runs by guild or offical run pug.

    Deductions of DKP:
    1- If you went AFK in the raid = -30 dkp
    2- If you went AFK more than 5 min = -50 dkp if more afk than that you may be kicked from raid + -all dkp from raid and the -50 .
    3- If you Bail half way with a reason that Leader aggrees on = - 50 DKP
    4- If you Bail half way with NO reason = - all DKP awarded in this run + - 150 dkp
    5- If you Slack in raid and not give it your best (slaking in dps or tanking or healing) = - bosses DKP + -50
    6- If you still slack even after warning = - all DKP won + kick from raid + - 150 dkp

    notice each afk u shall be deducted -30 dkp depending on times can reach -50 dkp and also lose all dkp + kick from raid

    Hopeing you all have a great Raiding Experiance and here are some of the PPl awarded for the DKP:

    Scourage: 350 dkp congrats
    Nzgoth: 350 dkp
    Beast: 350 dkp congrats
    Beastwalker: 350 dkp congrats
    Gnome: 320 dkp
    Tundril: 320 dkp
    Perfecticus: 300 dkp
    Finishembird: 300 dkp
    Evil: 50 dkp
    Dolo: 20 dkp
    Ilja: 20 dkp

    the DKP shall be updated in your officer note please be advised.

    Many thank and regards your GM


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